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In Avatar, after being fully submerged into the futuristic fauna of a faraway planet inhabited by its own indigenous population, the viewer can very clearly see the association between the planet’s population and that of the Native peoples and their portrayal in 70’s Westerns.



If you somehow managed to survive the next global catastrophe, long predicted by various prophets, and unfortunately were not among elite inhabitants of cozy underground refuge shelters, but absolutely alone among the ashes and ruins of our civilization, you will be faced with a set of unusual problems. The silence will come. The Internet will not survive.


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The problem of occupational guidance is a key issue during the final stage of schooling. A vast corridor into the adult world with a lot of doors in various spheres of activity appears before young people, and it seems to run into the horizon. But do not worry; upon a closer look, all the main professional paths can easily be counted...


This article is written on one hand as the guidebook to our website to help navigate through pages, tables and diagrams. On the other hand, it is an explanation of the idea behind it.



Proceeding from the principles of the harmonious development of a person, we had been able to deduce the following the pyramidal scheme of the basic components of a person. In the basis of a pyramid lies an equiangular triangle consisting of three spheres: Material, Social and Intellectual...



If, at the moment, you are happy and everything should stay the way it seems, if you wish to continue to trust the experts in the media and universities, and you are interested not to ask too many questions in order to sleep good at night, please do not read this report. Buy a few beer and watch football or “American Idol” on television.



Who wants to control the opinion of the masses, must control their knowledge. Only information, that is accessible, can influence decisions. Believers are going to argue, that a media monopoly could not exist, because restrictive trade practice acts would hinder such power constructions from doing so.



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